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Say 80Thing plays the pop music and one-hit wonders of the 80s. We are a theatrical, decade of decadence experience. We formed in 2012, underwent some changes, and in 2016 renamed ourselves Say 80Thing adopting the tag line, "a live version of a mixtape you made in high school." To borrow from the Breakfast Club (1985), our fans define us, "In the simplest terms, the most convenient definitions are..." High Energy Band + Top '80s Hits + Interactive Show + Rad Vocals & Musicians = A Totally Tubular Time!


Rachel thinks it's really rad to be in such a bodacious band! Rachel is a SAG-AFTRA singer-actor, Grammy Award member, & has been performing & training since the age of 2. She is a recording artist (Bond Of Love on itunes), writer, singing & acting technique teacher (all ages), director, & is the owner of a production company called Sunshine Face Productions. Check out this vocal powerhouse!


John loves to play the bass! He has been in numerous cover bands for decades and enjoys many different genres. Known as "Mr. Professor" in rehearsal, John is a true professional and rounds out the sound with his wicked bass lines! John feels having a female and male singer allows the band to play just about anything! Come see "The John Henderson Experience" with Say 80Thing!


Paula started singing at a very young age honing her voice during elementary and high school choir .. and after graduation, her passion for signing would take her places only imagined. She sang lead in many cover bands and eventually formed, with her husband Kevin, the highly successful 80s band, Faces In The Crowd. By 1987, Faces' music video of their original song "Love Without Fiction" entered into rotation play at MTV and this video can be seen on YouTube.

Sergey K-2.jpg

Sergey is a classically trained musician with decades of experience as pianist, organist, (balalaika player,) singer, choir conductor, composer. He also plays with rock/pop bands to (earn extra cash to buy vodka for his tame bear) diversify his musical activities. And it is always fun to have a (communist) party with (the comrades) skilled (skulled) people.

- KGB approved!


Neil first picked up the trumpet at age 11 & trumpeted his way throughout high school. He performed in every school band (Marching, Jazz, Concert) & school orchestra he could, making him the ultimate “music man”.  He continued playing in college & in the years that followed, Neil honed his trumpeting skills playing in his family‘s basement. All that changed when he was asked to perform at a Say 80Thing gig...the "music man" in Neil was reborn.


Tony is a fixture in the North Jersey club circuit having been in many bands over the years. He is a seasoned veteran of pop, rock, grunge, & metal.  Tony has shared the stage with members of The Rusty Paul Band, Danzig, Trixter, Firehouse, & Overkill to name a few. He was also the opening act for Gilby Clark of Guns & Roses, Molly Hatchet, & numerous nationally touring tribute acts. As a self-taught student of the craft & a true professional, Tony is performance-driven. To him, it’s always about “the beat”. Come check out his sick skills!


Jimmy has been playing guitar since...well a long time. At the age of 15, Jimmy studied jazz theory, fusion jazz, and classical guitar while still playing New Wave music with his band Cheap Thrills. Jimmy, as a long-haired scraggly punk, would often go to jazz clubs to learn by watching the masters and scurry home to mimic what he saw them do. Today, Jimmy enjoys playing the one-hit wonders of the '80s, which is a lot easier to play and a lot more fun!


Paul starting playing the bass when he was 16 years old because he thought it was easier than guitar. He thought, "How hard can it be, it's only 4 strings?" Well it didn't take long to realize that isn't the case. Paul learned by listening to his favorite bass players: Graham Maby (Joe Jackson band), Michael Anthony, Sting, John Paul Jones, and so on. His favorite motto is "You hear the guitar, but you Feel the Bass." Paul loves playing any type of music that the audience will enjoy and get on their feet to dance.


Nick has performed all over North America, from the Stone Pony in New Jersey to the Troubadour in Los Angeles. He has appeared on MTV in two award winning videos with his previous bands, Faces In The Crowd and Y Fly 2 London, whom's debut EP "Just Say No" is still considered a classic. Nick's newer music has appeared on two NJ WDHA-FM Compilation CD’s, that featured groups such as the Smithereens, Glen Burtnick and Joe Lynn Turner.

Matt has been playing and making music since his parents bought him his first guitar at the age of nine. He started voice lessons year later, and eventually picked up the saxophone as well as the harmonica. A proud nerd, he spent his formative years obsessing over '80s music and movies. His influences include Queen, Rush, Billy Joel, Journey, and John Mellencamp.


Nicole is a powerhouse vocalist and magnificent performer. She is so chockfull of energy. We are always are amazed at the lengths she goes to to engage the audience ... thankfully she has a wireless mic or that chord would be wrapped around every table and everyone.

Marissa 1.jpg

Marissa does it all ... brings home the bacon and fries it up in the pan and all she asks for is a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Her powerful vocals bring the most far-reaching songs to cover into reach, and she covers these ambitious vocals beautifully. Joplin, Tina Turner, Steve Perry, Donnie Barnes, and Aretha Franklin. Yes, I compared her to the Queen of Soul making this little Italian girl the Regina d' Soul.


Algonzo was raised in a musical family. A child prodigy that seemed to move from elementary school jazz band directly into the recording studio. He began his recording career in high school, pursued an education in jazz saxophone during college and has been featured on many recordings with jazz royalty, and recently on a made for T.V. jazz music special. So what's next for Algonzo ... to play 80s pop.


Ross, a versatile vocalist, loves the music of the '80s and thinks it's awesome that he is able to live out one of his dreams of singing these iconic songs! With a vocal range like Bon Jovi, a grittiness like Tom Petty, and a soulfulness like James Brown, he loves pushing his falsetto to soaring heights and spitting out lyrics to any '80s rap song. He holds a B.F.A. in modern dance & choreography from Ohio University.


Johne has always had an ear for music. With an emphasis on keyboards, guitar, and trombone, even before his beard was a mustache, he was teaching himself to play a variety of instruments. Like most hip and "kewl" dudes, his hero is Beethoven, but he also has an affinity for ’80s, Electronic and Metal music. He has been shaped by his experiences in numerous bands, even sharing the stage with Motorhead and Overkill. Johne is a complex guy who has an open mind with a passion for playing and creating music.

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